Internship Program

The Dubai Equine Hospital internship is one year clinical program open to veterinary graduates across the world. The objective of this internship is to provide an equine clinical experience through the following aims:

  • Develop clinical skills under the guidance of experienced specialists.
  • Foster development of interpersonal skills through communication with referring veterinarians, clients, and dedicated hospital team.
  • Stimulate curiosity-driven motivation.
  • Nurture academic professional development.

While the internship is an in-hospital internship, there might be opportunities for the interns to rotate into the field to assist in the treatment clinic at the endurance races and at Meydan racetrack.

Applications for the 2024-2025 internship will be accepted from 25th Sep ’23 to 31st Oct ’23.

All applications should be received within 2 years from the graduation of veterinary school and obtaining your veterinary degree.

Applicants must submit the following for a complete application:

  1. Letter of Intent
  2. Current CV
  3. Reference letters from 3 veterinarians, preferably equine veterinarians

You can find more information on the program in the Internship Program link.

All documents should be emailed to within the application dates ONLY! and all the letters of recommendation need to be signed by the person recommending you unless the letter is sent directly from the referee’s email address.

Please note the application will not be considered unless all documents are received within the application dates.